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Bring Your Own

Organizations have the ability to “bring your own” (BYO) images on their Frame cloud account(s) as template images. Once a template image is registered on their cloud account within Frame, administrators can create Frame accounts using the template image. Before selecting a BYO image guide from the list of infrastructure providers, please carefully review the requirements and considerations listed below.


  • You have a 64-bit version of Windows or Linux operating system. 32-bit OS images are not supported.
  • You have downloaded the latest Frame Guest Agent (FGA) Installer (Windows) or Frame Guest Agent Workload Installer (Linux).
  • You are using your own infrastructure (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Nutanix AHV).
  • For AWS, Azure, and GCP, you must be using one or more of the public cloud infrastructure instance types listed in the tables here.
  • Set your template image timezone to UTC. When users start a Frame session, the workload VM will be set, by default, to the correct timezone based on the user's browser locale.
  • Ensure your template image VM network adapter is configured to obtain IP address from DHCP. If the IP address is a static IP address, the workload VMs (Sandbox, Utility Servers, test/production pool instances) created from your template image will not boot correctly.


In order to register your template image with Frame, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Download the Windows Frame Guest Agent (FGA) Installer or Linux Frame Workload Installer.
  2. Prepare your Windows or Linux template image using the Frame installer in your chosen infrastructure.
  3. Register your template image in the appropriate Cloud Account associated with the desired Frame Customer or Organization entity.